Central Industrial District Bi-State Trail

This segment of the Riverfront Heritage Trail is a 10-foot-wide off-street bike and pedestrian trail that connects the River Market Area and Downtown Kansas City, Missouri to the Woodswether Bike and Pedestrian Bridge and Downtown Kansas City, Kansas. The trail follows the Lewis & Clark Viaduct as it completes this bi-state connection. Except for the matching funds, it is fully funded. The Trail has been responsible for a new surge in private investment and job creation in the district.

This segment is critical for it delivers a trail in an industrial area that is on the rebound after years of decline. It will have a significant impact on the redevelopment of the area. The trail runs through historically rich areas including those that have seen fur trapping, the first housing district of the Town of Kansas, the Underground Railroad, meat packing industry, first Union Depot, major flooding and more. Historic markers and art work along the trail will be used to point out the events that shaped our area’s development.

Costs of Construction: $1,800,000
($1,500,000 Missouri: $300,000 Kansas)

Funding Information:

  • Missouri Funds
    1. $250,000 PIAC Grant
    2. $480,000 CMAC Grant
    3. $300,000 TCSP Grant
    4. $240,000 TE Grant
    5. $100,000 Dept. of Natural Resources, Recreational Trail Grant
  • Kansas Funds
    1. $215,000 CMAQ Grants
    2. $53,750 UG Funds

Gap Funding needed to complete construction: $161,250