Woodswether Bridge Metal/Glass Sculptures


Artist: STRETCH Rumaner

Artist Background:
STRETCH received his BFA in Sculpture/Design from the Kansas City Art Institute, and his MFA in Sculpture from the Virginia Commonwealth University. He special- izes in steel sculptures welded and bolted, with stacked glass, and light. He has recently completed a project in which the light used in the piece is solar powered, receiv- ing energy during the day and storing it in batteries for use at night. STRETCH has several sculptures all across the country, some permanent, and some temporary. Sculpture 1

Project Summary:
Sculpture 1 is 3-dimensional and consists of stacked plate glass glued together and mounted inside a welded stain- less steel frame. The wave shapes are cut from ¼” – ½” stainless steel. Sculpture 2 consists of stacked plate glass inside welded stainless steel frame with lexan and red/ white neon. The neon is incased between frosted lexan and the panels are bolted in place with stainless hardware. Sculpture 3 is 3-dimensional and is comprised of steel, stacked plate glass, stainless steel, and a barbed wire ball. Sculpture 4 (Ikonos) is a 3’ diameter steel sphere with steel spires with cast blue glass, bolted to the sphere.

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