Westside Pequeno Miramide (Little Pyramid)


Artist: Christian Mann

Artist Background:
Chris attended the schools of Southern Illinois University, University of Illinois, Kansas University, and Pilchuck Glass School, where he studied art with a specialization in hot glass. In 1991, Chris moved to the Kansas City area and has since taken up the art of Neon. Currently he resides and works out of Millennic Glass in Kansas City’s Crossroads Art District. The studio houses a gallery, a neon shop, and a soon to be hot glass shop, coming in 2003.

Project Summary:
The translation is little pyramid, which aptly describes the structure design. It is intended to be a casual gathering spot and for informal presentations. The distorted form of a Mayan Pyramid is in essence a small stage and is intended to be used as the metaphorical soapbox. The project will include contributions from neighborhood children through the Mattie Rhodes Art Center. The children will create images and construct the model relief blocks. On a field trip to the glass studio, the children will watch as the relief blocks are pressed into the sand and then hot glass is poured in to create an identical cast glass block. The cast glass blocks will be embedded into the side face of the pyramid. The blocks will be backlit with neon. The best location along West Pennway Boulevard would be near the Community Recreation Center, next to a sloping hill. The idea would be to set sitting stones into the hill around the Pequeno Miramide to provide an amphitheater like viewing area.