Neo-Millennic Lights


Neo-Millenic LightsArtist: Christian Mann

Artist Background:

Chris attended the schools of Southern Illinois University, University of Illinois, Kansas University, and Pilchuck Glass School, where he studied art with a specialization in hot glass. In 1991, Chris moved to the Kansas City area and has since taken up the art of Neon. Currently he resides and works out of Millennic Glass in Kansas City’s Crossroads Art District. The studio houses a gallery, a neon shop, and a soon to be hot glass shop, coming in 2003.

Project Summary:

This project uses neon light as artwork for the trail. The lights would consist of sconces, a chandelier, and lamps for the segment of trail beneath the Lewis and Clark Viaduct, and the use of lamps and a clock for the Westside neighborhood. The segment under the Viaduct (segment 4C) has a feeling of a hall, therefore the idea of using a contemporary chandelier and sconces for lighting the corridor would give the space a feeling of “inside with the outside”. The chandeliers could be hung from the overhead roadway and the sconces could be strapped to the columns. The lamps (12’ in height) would be used in the Westside area (segments 8A1 & 8A2) as a way to add a whimsical nature to the neighborhood. The lamps would include neon finials on top with commercial lamps for lighting the trail. The crowns of the lamps would contain found steel, glass, and neon. These lamps would be placed along West Pennway, while 20 foot lamps could be used at strategic intersections giving a type of gateway feel. They would act as both functional lighting as well as aesthetical works of art. The Millennium Clock could be placed at the north end of Mulkey Park.