Lewis & Clark Heritage Trail


Artist: Susana Jones

Artist Background:
Susana Jones is interested in the re-vitalization of downtown areas. Large outdoor sculpture has been her main artistic focus for the last eight years in utilitarian purely aesthetic form. Susana received her BFA at Oklahoma State University and her MFA at the University of Arkansas. She has traveled extensively through individual and group exhibitions including a stay in South America.

Project Summary:
The vision for the Lewis and Clark Heritage Trail is a design that speaks to the sense of discovery in all of us. It will involve two parts. The first part is to be a dugout (canoe) belonging to the Lewis and Clark Expedition tied up near the river with a log marker (sign) nearby. The dugout could have carved in it the names of all the people who were involved in the expedition. The material which is a hand-hewn red cedar has historical references to the area and in particular, deals symbolically with the early pioneer experience juxtaposed to the Native American. The marker would be made from a red cedar log, stand about 12 feet high, and have limestone arrows with several major destinations on it. Some destinations might be St. Charles pointing east, and Fort Mandan, the Great Falls, and the Pacific Ocean pointing west. The dugouts would be made of a 30” diameter cedar log, and would be 12 feet to 16 feet in length. The finished log will be treated with preservatives to prevent cracking. Each dugout would have 2 or 3 seats, which makes it not only informative, but also serves as a resting place, or even a play area for children.

The second part is a trail system which will tell the story of the Lewis and Clark expedition across the country. At markers along the way limestone boulders will be used to inscribe the “story” as the users walk along the trail. This “living history” trail will be designed in a way which will remind us of the river in which they passed.